Live music on the Royal Scotsman

live music for luxury events

On the Royal Scotsman, we don’t just bring the music.

We’ve never known luxury like the Royal Scotsman.
Part of the Belmond group, the Royal Scotsman experience defines elegance. Sumptuous decor, attentive staff, every whisky you could desire and picturesque views.
Since 2013, we’ve provided live music on board the Royal Scotsman to the most discerning of guests.
When we perform in the observation car, it’s about more than the music. We want to help guests savour every single moment on the Royal Scotsman.
It’s an evening for stories, personal touches and a unique experience. We respond to requests, but we also take our time over the evening. There’s always time for conversation. There’s always time to answer questions and hear anecdotes. 
Our performances are an intimate, musical conversation. And of course, we’ll keep that conversation going as long as you want.
Belmond guests come from all over the world to experience something magical. We’re proud to be part of that memorable journey.
Our next performance aboard the Royal Scotsman (pandemic pending) is in September.
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