Java Duo at Longitude 0’8 bar, Piccadilly

Live music Thursdays

Our Thursday evenings are getting a hell of a lot more stylish, thanks to our residency at Longitude 0’8 bar in Piccadilly’s Le Meridien hotel.

From 7pm we perform three sets of soul, jazz and pop to cocktail-loving hotel guests. As London comes out of hibernation, we just know the nights are going to get better and better.

We had the perfect evening at Le Meridien.

London was definitely waking up from the New Year, and the bar was busy all night. Guests enjoyed a lazy drink or three as smooth-as-you-like bar staff creating showstopping cocktails. The atmosphere was really quite something. Not energetic, not corporate, but simply content, friendly and relaxed… it felt like a little family and the warmth definitely rubbed off on us.

Trying new styles

We don’t usually take a chance on songs we haven’t performed before but we thought we’d try out some new ones. The bar loved our swing version of Bruno Mars’ Locked out of Heaven, and a chilled Roar by Katy Perry. We’re happy to provide background music, but it’s always reassuring to have guests singing along and cheering at the end. It was simply a perfect evening for Java Duo!

If you want a relaxing evening with friendly, passionate bar staff, sumptuous cocktails and some live music to boot, we definitely recommend stopping by Longitude 0’8.

Take a look at their video and perhaps we’ll see you there soon!

Hajar x