Nothing says “welcome to the party” like a glass of champagne and tasteful live music.

Planning something spectacular? Studio 54 theme, acrobats swinging from chandeliers and fireworks at midnight?

Whatever you’re doing to wow your clients, you want that “step into magic” moment covered.

Java Duo are a guitar and vocal duo who understand the power of the right songs to set the perfect mood. Leave us to warm up your guests while you put the finishing touches on your showstopper night.

We guarantee that with Java Duo at your next event, you’ll be recommending us to clients again and again.


Why choose Java Duo?

We work with corporate event planners, luxury tour operators and five-star hotels, so we understand service and quality. We’re a duo you can count on. We don’t ask for selfies or post client photos to social media. We don’t turn up through the front entrance with messy bags and scruffy shoes. And we definitely don’t leave anything to chance.

Every room is different and we know exactly how to read it. For champagne receptions, you’ll want ambient, soulful music that doesn’t drown out conversation. But you’ll also want a duo who know how to play to livelier groups and respond to requests. We’re experienced musicians who know how to keep it fresh and personal.

And when we’re done? We’ll pack down quickly and quietly without a fuss. In fact, you’ll only know we’ve been there because your guests will be loosened up and ready for whatever you’ve got in store.


Want to try before you buy?

Tell us your favourite song and we’ll record a video. Just for you.

Email with your song choice and we’ll send you your personalised video in 72 hours!

black and white photo of hajar in a field looking down

About Hajar

You’ll love Hajar’s clear, soulful tone and how she instantly reads the room.

Black and white photo of Curtis Nice smiling while playing acoustic guitar

About Curtis

Curtis Nice has a wealth of experience playing for top covers bands and originals artists.

Tell us about your event

With Java Duo, you’ll get subtle glamour and a professional service, so whatever you’re planning, you can trust us to kick it off in style. Click ‘My Event’ and tell us all about it.